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“Steve Obrien” Foundation
For the perseverance of young people!

"We are immensely proud of our partnership with the Steve O'Brien Foundation. This partnership constitutes a fundamental pillar where our values converge, allowing us to combine our efforts to offer unwavering support to younger generations. By uniting our resources and our determination , we aim to be the catalyst that promotes the development of young people, encouraging them to persevere in the face of challenges and to realize their boldest dreams. Together, we build a path where hope, resilience and support come together to shape a promising future for each of these young people full of potential."


The JF77 team

"CoolRacer takes immense pride in providing its unwavering support to the JF77 racing team, led by its driver and businessman Jocelyn Fecteau. As a company. We would like to express our gratitude to Jocelyn and his team for their valuable collaboration with CoolRacer in the evolution and constant improvement of our drink. The Nascar Pinty's series, where JF77 competes, proves to be an exceptional laboratory for testing the benefits and effectiveness of our products. This opportunity allows us to refine our formula and optimize the performance of our drinks, while continuing to support the sporting excellence embodied by Jocelyn Fecteau and his team."



Strategic partnership
with the Advanced SimRacing team

CoolRacer is proud of its strategic partnership with the Advanced SimRacing team as a reseller!

The main objective of this collaboration is to integrate our natural drink, without sugar and without caffeine, into the world of “gaming” simulator pilots, in order to increase their physical and cognitive performance, increase their energy and their resistance to tiredness


“Champions For Peace”


CoolRacer becomes the official drink of the “Champion For Peace” Foundation. CoolRacer is proud to announce its alliance with GOL Iluminado Foundation and "Champion For Peace" as its official beverage. This strategic alliance paves the way for a new era of partnership aimed at promoting the values of peace and inclusion across the world through soccer's greatest legends. The agreement concluded between CoolRacer and the “Champion For Peace” Foundation will allow our drink to reach a potential market of 400,000,000 soccer fans around the world. The “Champion For Peace” Foundation embodies the universality of sport and its ability to bring communities together. As partners, we share the conviction that sport can play a crucial role in promoting peace and dialogue.

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